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IPI Exercise

Phytoplankton identification

In 2019 the Marine Institute, Ireland in collaboration with the IOC Science and Communication Centre for Harmful Algae, Denmark will conduct a proficiency test on marine phytoplankton abundance and composition between laboratories.

The intercomparison and proficiency test is open for participation for all relevant laboratories globally. This test will be broken down into two main areas and each participant will be asked to return results for each.

Identification – in the form of a “Taxonomic HAB Quiz”. This test will be set up on a distant learning web platform called ‘Ocean teacher’. Participants will need to log on with a username and password and answer the questions online.

Enumeration and identification – a number of preserved seawater samples spiked with phytoplankton cultured material or/and natural field samples will be sent to each laboratory. The number and type of samples has not been decided yet and will be adapted to be relevant to the participants.

Programme Schedule
- Friday, 30th Auguat 2019: Deadline for registration.
- Monday, 1st October 2019: Samples sent to analysts + Oceanteacher quiz opens.
- Friday, 8th November 2019: Deadline for submission of samples and online test results to lead laboratory.
- 8th-12th December 2019: IPI Workshop